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Work With Perpetrators European Network WWP-EN was founded in April 2014 and Respect is a founding member. All full members of Respect are automatically members of WWP-EN.


Currently there 18 of the 28 EU countries represented in WWP-EN plus members from Norway, Russia, Albania, Serbia and Moldova.


Neil Blacklock, Respect’s Development Director was elected as the current Chair of WWP-EN at the Annual General meeting in December 2014. The other board members are:

  • Alessandra Pauncz, C.A.M., Italy
  • Eha Reitelmann, Estonian Women’s Shelters Union, Estonia
  • Heinrich Geldschläger, Conexus, Spain
  • John Doyle, MEND; Ireland
  • Marianne Hester, University of Bristol, UK
  • Marius Rakil, ATV, Norway
  • Olga Persson, Unizon, Sweden
  • Rosa Logar, WAVE, Austria

The Executive Director of WWP-EN is Ralf Puchert, Berlin, Germany.

Nina George of Respect accredited service Impact Family Services will take up the role of Research and Development Manager at WWP-EN in October 2015

WWP-EN is taking forward the implementation of the Impact measurement toolkit which provides evidenced impact measurement tools on effectiveness of work with male perpetrators of domestic violence please click here for more information.

Click here for further information on WWP-EN.