Respect has been working to develop both resources for risk assessment and the training courses to improve practice and knowledge. Resources include:

Review of Domestic Violence Risk Assessment in the Family Court


Dr Chris Newman has undertaken a review of domestic violence risk assessment in the family courts in England and Wales. This thorough report sets out to answer the following questions:

  • What a full assessment of domestic violence risk should include?
  • What activities must be undertaken to complete a full report on domestic violence risk?
  • What skills, knowledge and experience are necessary to undertake these assessments?
  • Is there a need for a register of assessors?
  • How could we improve the availability of professionals able to undertake these assessments?


The report includes the views of wide range of professionals working in the family courts and these inform the report and add weight to its conclusions.

To download a copy click here.


Respect version of the CAADA – DASH (Domestic Abuse, Stalking and Harassment and Honour Based Violence) Risk Identification Checklist (RIC) for use in Domestic Violence Prevention Programmes (DVPP’s).


For sometime Respect members have been asking Respect which risk assessment tool they should use. Whilst we have come to a view that any one of the established risk assessment tools is more superior than another, we do believe there is a strong case for our members using the risk assessment tool which helps them communicate most effectively with other professionals about risk.

The most widespread risk assessment tool in the UK is the CAADA DASH.  Respect has remodeled this tool for use within DVPPs so that the RIC can be used easily when working with perpetrators of domestic violence and the information gathered can then be brought together with the information from the victim RIC so that one, overall, risk assessment can be done.

Respect has also developed a few additional questions specifically for those working with perpetrators providing some additional indicators of increased risk, or, highlighting where there may be more than one person at risk.

The revised tool has guidance attached to help organisations and individual practitioners develop their approach to risk assessment and management.

To download the Respect version of CAADA DASH RIC click RIC Respect version to use directly with perpetrators.