Since 2008 Respect has had a Young People’s Service with a focus on interventions with young people who use violence and abuse in close relationships, whether its relationship abuse, adolescent to parent violence or abusive behaviour within the family e.g. sibling abuse, young parent abuse. Our work is mainly targeted at ages 10 – 25 years, but we also give consideration to younger children.

We now have a range of programmes and resources for professionals and provide a variety of events and training modules. For further information on our range of work:

Respect Young People’s Toolkit

Access to the online Young People’s Toolkit is available to everyone who has attended Respect Young People’s 5-Day Training Course. The online toolkit can be accessed here: http://respect.uk.net/work/respect-young-peoples-service/teen-relationship-abuse/

If you experience any problems accessing the link above please contact info@respect.uk.net