Respect has published the second edition of the Toolkit for work with male victims of domestic violence. The purpose of this toolkit is primarily to support and inform work with male victims of domestic violence.

Hard copies are available at £10 per copy, including postage and packing. Please complete the Men’s Advice Line publicity material order form and send back.

Download the Toolkit for work with male victims of domestic violence chapter-by-chapter (PDF format):

1. Title page, Foreword, Acknowledgements and Introduction

2. Men and Domestic Violence (What do men tell us about their experiences of domestic violence? Male victims and diversity. Categories of clients who may approach services for male victims)

3. Identifying (Value and purpose in identifying who is doing what to whom. The dangers of incorrectly identifying someone. Brief assessment process-gathering evidence during a short meeting or telephone call. Checklist tool to use to help identify who is doing what to whom and with what consequences. Analysis and coming to conclusions)

4. Assessing (Longer assessment tools and forms for work with men presenting as victims of domestic violence)

5. Responding (Suggested responses to clients following assessment)

6. Case studies

7. Research and bibliography (Information from UK national research about the incidence, scale and effects of domestic violence on men. Information from other research on gender and domestic violence. Analysis of monitoring calls to the Men’s Advice Line 2010 and 2011. Reports of sexual abuse experiences on the Men’s Advice Line from heterosexual and gay men. Bibliography and further reading)