The Respect Standard

Accreditation for work with perpetrators of domestic abuse

The Respect Standard is the nationally recognised quality assurance scheme for organisations working with perpetrators of domestic violence and abuse in the UK.

The Respect Standard sets out an evidence-based, safety-focused framework which identifies good practice and offers guidance for organisations to ensure that they are meeting the needs of service users safely and effectively, with the safety of survivors and their children at the heart.

It covers the whole cohort of perpetrators:

·         men and women in straight or same sex relationships;

·         those who are motivated to change and those who aren’t;

·         those presenting different levels of risk and need.

It encompasses all work an organisation carries out with perpetrators, including:

·         early intervention;

·         behaviour change programmes (group work or 1-2-1);

·         high intensity case management with high risk perpetrators
disruption activities.

For more information on the Respect Standard for work with Perpetrators, download the Respect Standard factsheet.

Download: Respect Standard 15.11.17

Download: Respect Outcomes Framework 15.11.17

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