Respect is the UK’s principle training organisation for frontline work with perpetrators of domestic violence and abuse, male victims and young people using violence. Our training courses provide professionals with the skills and knowledge that they need to work safely and effectively in the domestic violence sector.

All of our training courses are evidence based, and have been created and tested by specialist practitioners, with reference to contemporary research and policy. We regularly review and revise our programmes of study to ensure that they remain relevant to frontline workers.

We deliver both open access courses for individuals, and commissioned, in-house courses for groups. Whether you need general awareness or you have a specialist role working with perpetrators, male victims or young people’s violence in close relationships, or manage a team that could benefit from more knowledge about domestic violence and abuse, our range of courses could benefit you.

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Training for Organisations

  • ‘The trainer was fantastic, her experience and knowledge about the subject was astounding, and she delivered [the course] really well! I found the approach and language on how to be direct [with perpetrators] especially useful which I will be taking into my practice.’

    Feedback from a Better Engagement with Perpetrators of Domestic Abuse participant