This is a 4 day training which aims to convey the understanding and skills necessary to facilitate the Respect Individual Work Programme – which is a domestic abuse perpetrator programme designed to be delivered 1-1 over 20 core sessions plus a range of supplementary sessions selected to fit the individual client.

The training is participatory and practical, with a strong focus on working interactively with the programme materials

Programme outline

  • Why the individual programme was developed, what settings it is designed for, and what agency structures are necessary to support safe practice.
  • Challenges in working 1-1 with perpetrators of domestic violence: dealing with denial  and working motivationally
  • The balance between programme fidelity and working responsively with individual issues
  • Initial engagement exercises
  • Signals and Self awareness
  • Analysing specific incidents of abusive behaviour – the iceberg technique as a visual method for implementing cognitive behavioural work
  • Identifying and practicing non abusive alternative behaviours
  • Increasing awareness of the impacts of domestic violence
  • Working with emotionally abusive behaviours
  • Working with jealousy
  • Working with sexually abusive behaviours in intimate relationships
  • Unpacking abusive incidents using storyboarding
  • Overview of supplementary modules of the programme

Dates: 6-9 March 2017
Location: TBC
Time: 10:00-16:30

Cost: Respect Members: £480 (including VAT); Non-members: £600 (including VAT)

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