The voices of male victims

We are delighted to publish a new report titled The voices of male victims-Burrell S.R. and Westmarland N. (2019) an evaluation for Respect.

The research project was carried out by Dr Stephen Burrell and Professor Nicole Westmarland of the Centre for Research into Violence and Abuse, Department of Sociology, Durham University.

The report provides unique insights into callers’ expectations and experience of the Men’s Advice Line, their help-seeking behaviours, and their perceptions of domestic abuse services more broadly.

The men who were interviewed gave overwhelmingly positive feedback about the Men’s Advice Line and the service provided by the helpline workers they spoke to.

An interviewee commented about the Helpline Advisor he spoke to:

‘What she said, and the way she said it, the feeling of warmth and understanding that she gave me, it choked me up, it was so powerful. It really picked me up off floor.’

The recommendations in the report will be useful for any service supporting  male victims. We are very proud of the authors’ final recommendation:

‘Respect could share the good practice modelled by the Men’s Advice Line as much as possible to ensure that other services can learn from this exemplary work and respond similarly effectively to men’

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