Respect statement on the Domestic Abuse Bill Committee Report

Respect is pleased to welcome the Domestic Abuse Bill Committee’s report today, which includes a clear understanding for the need for a truly cross-departmental, multi-agency response to domestic abuse, a commitment to prevention and early intervention, and a recognition of the gendered nature of domestic abuse and the importance of this for procurement and delivery of services.  We are also glad to see the Committee recognise the needs of children and of migrant women and highlight that these both need more attention.

Regarding perpetrators, we were pleased to see that the Drive project (a partnership between Respect, SafeLives and Social Finance aimed at perpetrators causing high levels of harm) and Respect Accreditation of perpetrator interventions were both recognised.  We welcome the Committee’s statement that:

The Government must…ensure that there is sufficient provision of quality assured specialist interventions for the full spectrum of perpetrators, across all risk levels. This will require an adequate level of funding and cooperation with expert providers.” [196]

Respect continues to call for coherent, strategic funding proportionate to the scale of the problem – which the government itself has costed at £66bn – both for specialist voluntary sector services (for survivors, children and perpetrators) and to improve frontline statutory service provision.

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