RESPECT MEMBERSHIP OFFICER Q & A: “It is so tremendously satisfying to speak to members and hear about the fantastic work contributing to our shared goal.”

Name: Julia Hawkins

Job title: Membership, Training and Events Officer.

Surprising fact about you: I grew up in 6 countries from 4 different continents!

Is there a typical day in the office for you?:

I oversee Respect’s membership, training and events programmes, and I love how diverse and dynamic my role is. Due to the nature of my work, I would struggle to describe a typical day in the office – but I do love a challenge, so here goes!

I begin the day, as we all do, checking in on those emails.

Once I have done that, I will catch up with our training clients. I call them to make sure all is on track and their needs are met as we set up a training course. Our training courses are designed to fit in with your needs as a client, so I make sure I am available to work collaboratively towards those requirements.

I then revisit our London based training programme. This means I ensure that we are providing the right publically available training courses and meeting the demands of the sector. Our training aims to address any gaps in training needs, so we can ensure we are developing a robust response to domestic abuse. I am always checking if I need to put on a new course, and I am continuously managing our bookings.

Once training is done, I move onto curating our events. Respect runs at least 3 events a year on our three strands of work: male victims, young people, and perpetrators. So I am always curating one of them: looking out for the latest innovations in practice, sourcing creative workshops founded in good practice, and reaching out to the public to come and share in the learning in our experiential, informative events.

Then I come to our beloved membership. Respect was born out of members, and they are a group of people that we truly value. Here, I work with managing our member base, ensuring we always have a range of events and training courses available to our members, and seeking out new opportunities that benefit our existing members. I also work on continuously growing our community, to become an even bigger, united voice in the sector.

In between all these varied tasks, I fit in a delicious lunch, of course! And then I finally head home after a busy day at work.

What is your favourite part of your job?:

My favourite part my job is speaking to people in the sector. As part of my role I am frequently engaging with other professionals engaged in our mission to end domestic abuse. I love getting our heads together and trying to come up with creative solutions to training quandaries; picking the brains of experts in the field who will be guest speakers at our conferences; or deepening relationships with our members through exchanging skills and supporting each other in our work.

It is so tremendously satisfying to speak to members and hear about the fantastic work contributing to our united goal: domestic abuse prevention.

What challenges face you in your role?:

The work is so broad and varied that I always wish I could be doing more. However, it helps that I am supported not only by a great team, but by our members whose combined efforts and contributions have a much greater influence than I could ever obtain on my own.

Who can become a member of Respect?:


Respect’s membership has been developed so that any organisation or individual who supports our aims can join as a member. Find out more here:

Why do you think Respect membership is beneficial to someone working in the domestic violence sector?:

As a member, you can gain access to our range of specialist services. Members benefit from discounts to all our training and events, as well as access to specialist support, advice and consultancy. You also have the opportunity to take part in our consultations which help us to influence policy and government.

How does membership help people working with Respect’s three main strands of work (domestic violence perpetrators, male victims and young people)?:

Specialist provider members get access to all of the above, plus the following additional benefits:

  • Have access to the members’ only area of the new website
  • Access to online specialist resources
  • Automatic membership with the European Network of Work with Perpetrators.
  • Potential discounted professional insurance with Towergate (contact me for more info)
  • Ability to apply for accreditation of your services, which provides you access to our small, specialised Practice Development Days

 ALL of our members contribute to creating a bigger, louder, more united voice in the sector where we can influence positive change with the safety of survivors and children always at the heart of our work.

How does membership allow people to support Respect’s work?:

Membership supports the development of Respect’s specialist work. It is due to members’ support that we are able to build on our research around effective programmes for perpetrators, male victims and young people who use violence and abuse. Through this research we are able to develop evidence-based standards for safe and effective interventions on these areas of work.

Membership allows Respect to carry on improving on a holistic response to domestic abuse, complementing the embedded survivor work around the country.

How do people sign up for Respect membership?:

To become a member of Respect is very easy. All you have to do is complete our online membership form.

Equally you can find out more on our website, or give me a call on 0207 549 0578.

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