RESPECT MEMBER Q&A: “Engaging with the wider Respect network gives us access to a wealth of peer knowledge and experience”

Organisation name: Arch (North Staffs) Ltd

What are your organisation’s mission?
Arch’s mission is to tackle domestic abuse and end homelessness for individuals and families in Staffordshire and surrounding areas. We want to be part of a future where people live happily and safely in their own homes; a future where people can reach their full potential.

What do you do?
Arch provides a range of advice, accommodation and support services to over 6000 vulnerable people and families each year.

Our domestic abuse services work with both victims and perpetrators of abuse, taking a whole-family approach to:

  • Awareness-raising, prevention & early intervention
  • Protection, justice and support for victims
  • Recovery from abuse

Arch are recognised as a leading provider of domestic abuse services and a specialist advisor to professionals and agencies locally.  Through developing and delivering proactive and innovative interventions that aim to tackle domestic abuse from the root cause both as a social issue and on an individual/family basis, we continually improve the vital co-ordination of a local multi-agency approach and increase the safety and wellbeing of our local communities.

What are your charities biggest challenges?:

One of our biggest challenges is supporting people to understand that domestic abuse is more than physical abuse and sexual abuse, and raising awareness of all types of abuse including coercion and control. Another issue is emphasising belief, intent and behaviour; we work to support external agencies understand that domestic abuse is a chosen behaviour.

Why do you think Respect membership is beneficial to someone working in the domestic violence sector?:

Respect membership benefits individuals working in the domestic abuse sector through providing access to comprehensive training and on-going advice and support. It gives individuals the reassurance that they are working in a way that keeps victims and children safe.

The Respect standards recognise the challenges and responsibilities faced by staff working on the front line of service delivery, and ensure their welfare is also considered, which ultimately contributes to best practice, high standard delivery.

 How does being part of a bigger network of Respect members help your work?:

Engaging with the wider Respect network gives us access to a wealth of peer knowledge and experience, shared learning and innovation, positive debate and discussion, and peer support in overcoming barriers and facing new challenges.

In addition, the network helps us strategically by keeping us up to date with emerging research, national campaigns, and changes to legislation and government strategies that affects the work we do.

 How has being a Respect member benefited your organisation?:

Primarily, membership provides the vital knowledge, support and resources to know that the way we deliver our services keeps victims and children as safe as possible.

The accreditation gives us a framework by which we monitor and quality assure our service delivery. Accreditation gives weight to the influence we have locally when implementing multi-agency responses to domestic abuse and challenging unsafe practice; a responsibility we take very seriously as an organisation dedicated to tackling domestic abuse.

Additionally, Respect accreditation gives our communities, funders, commissioners, and other professionals the assurance that we provide high quality, safety focussed services.

 What is your favourite part of Respect membership?:

Our favourite parts of Respect membership are:

  • The lovely staff!
  • The opportunity to share ideas and knowledge to overcome challenges.
  • Having a quality assured service with standards that everyone can access, to ensure they are receiving the appropriate service.
  • Network Practitioners meetings, this enables practitioners to meet other practitioners and discuss both success stories and challenges within the service.

 Would you recommend Respect membership to other organisations?:


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