Respect’s role in Research

We want our work to be based on the best possible evidence about what helps end domestic violence and we want researchers to be able to use what we learn about practice. To achieve that, we have a strong tradition of bringing researchers, practitioners and policy makers together and initiating and participating in research. We do this across all of our core areas of work – responses to male and female perpetrators, to male victims and to young people using violence and aggression.

  • We initiated the Mirabal multi-site evaluation into the outcomes of domestic violence perpetrator programmes.
  • We developed and support the use of our own online client information database REDAMOS for domestic violence interventions.
  • We have strong and productive partnerships with leading academics and universities.
  • Our Helplines use a purpose built database to record information about every call, providing a large data set of information about men and women using domestic violence and about male victims, which we analyse regularly and make available to researchers.
  • Our specialist staff participate in the advisory groups for various pieces of research.
  • We support our members to commission or carry out their own research.
  • We evaluate the outcomes of our work.