Research study: Domestic violence and abuse among military spouses and partners

Study Title: Domestic violence and abuse among military spouses and partners: impact of military life and culture, perceptions of support available and barriers to seeking help. Ethical Approval: HR-17/18-5356

Who is Doing This Research? The King’s Centre for Military Health Research (KCMHR) is an academic research team at King’s College London. KCMHR has been conducting research into issues relevant to current and former members of the UK Armed Forces and their families since 1996. KCMHR is independent of the Ministry of Defence.

Invitation to take part in a telephone interview – £25 per interview is offered.

Currently recruiting male (civilian) victims of domestic abuse by their serving/ex-serving partners or ex-partners. Domestic abuse and violence may include coercive control, verbal aggression, physical or sexual violence.

What is the Purpose of the Research? Military life can be stressful for service personnel, their partners and families leading to relationship problems. Some stresses are unique to the military and some are not. Additional stresses can arise after service personnel leave the military. Sometimes these stresses can lead to problems in relationships such as arguments, breakdown in communication, controlling behaviour, verbal aggression, and in some cases aggression/violence. The UK Armed Forces and community services are trying to provide more support to partners and families. In order to do this, a better understanding of the impact of military life on relationships is needed.

We are seeking a better understanding of: – the impact that military service has on relationships – the problems that can arise – civilians partners perspectives on the supports available, and attitudes to help-seeking for problems within relationships.

What Will I Be Asked to Do?
We will arrange a time for a telephone interview with you. The interview time will vary depending on how much participants have to say, but it should take no longer than 45 minutes.

For more information see the following document: PIS 

Further Information and Contact Details

Dr Deirdre MacManus (Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist and Senior Clinical Lecturer), Filipa Alves-Costa (Research Associate) and/or Anna Taylor (Research Assistant)

Email: Telephone: 020 7848 0225

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