Research news

Last week our Bristol academic partners in the medicine and social policy departments at University of Bristol invited Respect and Women’s Aid to discuss what data we keep, what analysis we currently do and how we might work better together to learn from our work with our researcher colleagues. As research manager for Respect, I went along to tell our colleagues about how we collect data on our two National Helplines and (briefly) on the client database we run for our members, REDAMOS.

It was good to be able to discuss the potential for learning from the combined data from the national domestic violence helpline which WA runs jointly with Refuge and our two national helplines. In particular, we are very keen to learn more about the ways in which different groups of people describe their situation and needs and also the differences and similarities in men’s and women’s needs. We are working on making some questions the same on both databases if possible, particularly about fear and control.

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