Perpetrators in the early stages of help-seeking

We are delighted to publish a new report titled Perpetrators in the early stages of help-seeking-Views of service users.Westmarland N. and Burrell S.R. (2019) an evaluation of the Respect Phoneline.

The research project was carried out by Professor Nicole Westmarland and Dr Stephen Burrell and of the Centre for Research into Violence and Abuse, Department of Sociology, Durham University.

The report includes interviews with male and female perpetrators who talk about their motivation for calling the helpline; including wanting to find out if their behaviours towards their partners are abusive, learning how to manage their anger and enrolling on behaviour-change programmes.

The men and women who were interviewed gave overwhelmingly positive feedback about the Respect Phoneline and the service provided by the Advisors they spoke to. A few interviewees gave the service 10 out of 10 in terms of satisfaction:

‘Because the guy that answered, I didn’t feel judged, I felt listened to, he offered information and advice as well and I got a contact for follow up work for a choose to change course.’

The issue of availability of local behaviour-change programmes for all those who need them came up for a few interviewees.


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