Membership eligibility and benefits

Specialist Provider Organisation Supporter Individual Supporter
Organisations providing services to:


  • Domestic abuse perpetrators (male or female)
  • Male victims of domestic abuse
  • Young people in relation to their violence in close relationships
  • Female victims within an Integrated Support Service of a domestic abuse prevention programme;
  • Organisations offering Expert risk assessment, Training and Consultancy will also join as Specialist Providers.
Organisations providing services to:


  • Female victims, but not within an Integrated Support Service;
  • Police and Crime Commissioners;
  • Universities/Research Centres;
  • Any other private or charitable organisation not offering domestic abuse services, but are interested in our work and wish to access our training and events on an affordable basis.
Individuals who support our aims and wish to take advantage of membership benefits on an affordable basis.
A monthly digital newsletter with useful resources and updates
Discounted training and network events;
Policy consultations and sector surveys;
Accessing Respect’s expertise and knowledge on work with perpetrators, male victims and young people’s violence.
2-3 Practice Development Days every year
Exclusive attendance to Accredited Members’ meetings
Specialist support around practice issues, including accreditation
Free job adverts placed on our website and in our newsletter
Discounted job adverts placed on our website and in our newsletter
Membership fees for Specialist Provider and Organisation Supporter members Membership fee for Individual Supporter members
Income band1: up to £100k = £132
Income band 2: £100k-£250k = £175
Income band 3: £250k-£500k = £289
Income band 4: £500k-£1m = £361
Income band 5: £1m – £5m = £437
Income band 6: £5m+ = £1,092

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