June Practice Development Day

On the 12th of June, Respect ran what turned out to be a very successful Practice Development Day (PDD). The event was in Stoke-on-Trent for Respect Specialist Provider Members who work with perpetrators.

Born out of listening to our members’ needs, the PDD is a space for practitioner led sessions where current, relevant or complex topics about working with perpetrators are discussed. This is soon to be expanded to Respect Specialist Provider Members who work with male victims and young people who use violence and abuse.

At the last PDD, topics such as LGBT interventions for domestic violence perpetrators, and restorative justice. We also had four workshops, including looking at “The strengths and challenges of safe information sharing between integrated support services and perpetrator programmes”, and one on video monitoring for practice supervision.

The benefits of this event is that they are designed specifically for frontline staff, topics and workshops are highly specialised and relevant, and they are kept small to ensure the best learning experience for our members.

You can hear what our members themselves think of the day:

“I find the support from Respect and Respect Members invaluable to the safe running of our project and feel very proud to be part of this very important work”.

Our PDDs are open to Specialist Provider Members of Respect who are working towards Respect Accreditation for perpetrator work, or to the wider pool of those working with male victims or young people who use violence and abuse. To join, apply today.

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