Young People using Violence and Abuse in Close Relationships

Adolescent to Parent Violence and Abuse (APVA)

Respect Young People Programme (RYPP)

The RYPP is a programme for families where children or young people aged between 10 and 16 are abusive or violent towards the people close to them, particularly their parents or carers. This abuse may be physical, verbal, financial, coercive or emotional and may include behaviours like hitting, making threats or causing damage in the home.

The programme avoids blame and works together with both the parents/carers and the young person, seeing them all as part of the solution. The programme is designed to enable families to identify negative behaviour patterns and work towards positive outcomes.

The RYPP practitioners provide support, insight and simple solutions to help improve family relationships via weekly structured sessions over 3 months.

Sessions are varied and use a variety of tools and techniques. Some sessions are with the whole family, some with the parent and some with the young person. The programme reaches its full potential if both the young person and parent(s)/carer(s) are willing to engage.

The RYPP was originally funded under the Realising Ambition Programme from the Big Lottery Fund. The funding enabled us to work with partner agencies to pilot the RYPP to test efficacy and enable replication. For those who took part there was:

…a statistically significant improvement in nearly all areas, including emotional wellbeing, conduct, pro-social behaviour, and … an overall improvement in mental health and the behaviour of young people.’ 

Social Research Unit 2016

Sibling Abuse

Sibling Abuse is often a much under-reported dynamic of APVA. Siblings can be affected by their experience of APVA as bystanders or targeted by their abusive sibling.

Respect does not currently provide specifically targeted resources to address this issue, but it is addressed within the wider remit of the RYPP and associated training.

Training and Implementation

Respect does not work directly with young people and families. We provide comprehensive training, implementation materials and on-going support.

The package includes the delivery manual for family, parent and young people’s sessions, as well as guidance in relation to implementation, referrals, case and risk management and video materials.

If you require further information about the RYPP or RYPP Practitioner training, please email

RYPP Providers in your area

IDAS – Independent Domestic Abuse Services

Area – North Yorkshire, Selby, Harrogate, Craven, Scarborough/Ryedale District, York District and Hambleton/Richmondshire


Phone Helpline: 03000 110 110


Stockport Youth Offending Service

Area – Stockport Borough

Phone 0161 474 4788



Gateshead Youth Offending Service

Area – Borough of Gateshead


Phone 0191 4334557/4334559


Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council

Area – Calderdale

Family Intervention Team 01422 392819

Download further info here


Oasis Domestic Abuse Service

Area – Thanet with the potential for Dover


Phone: 07718 657157


Leicester Jenkins Centre

Area – Leicester City and Leicestershire

Contact: Kathleen Connell


Phone: 0116 2540101


Rochdale Borough Council

Area – Rochdale area: Middleton, Heywood, Pennines

Email Jaria Hussain-Lala

Phone 01706 925832

Referrals Early Help Team email

Phone 01706 925440


Swindon Restorative Youth Services

Area – Swindon (but not the surrounding areas of Wiltshire)

Email Tracey Bayliss or Jenny Munday

Phone 01793 463891


What parents are saying about the RYPP…

’The programme helped me to understand my son’s behaviour and gave me more confidence in my parenting” 

“ I found real strength in knowing I was going to see the worker on a regular basis. This increased my self- confidence and my ability to use new strategies to manage volatile situations”


What young people are saying about the RYPP…

“… It helped me have a better relationship with my mum”

“… It helped me not to get mad as often…I don’t get mad like I used to and I am happier”

“…  It made my relationship with my mum better, we don’t fall out as often and if we do, it doesn’t last as long”

Respect are currently adapting the RYPP and developing programmes to enable practitioners to support young people and families where there are specific issues.

For more information about Adolescent to Parent Violence and Abuse (APVA) please visit:

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