Frontline Workers supporting domestic violence victims (male or female) are needed for groundbreaking research project

Do you work with domestic violence victims? Your professional experience is needed to inform research.

Research project title

Codesigning Support Solutions for Victims of Cyberstalking and Abuse: reclaiming privacy and safety on the Internet of Things

Academic Institution

UAL Central Saint Martins


Roxanne Leitão.

Aims of research

To understand the threats that novel technologies may pose to victims of domestic abuse; focussing on technology-enabled forms of staking and abuse, as well as what can be done to provide better support to victims going through this.

Roxanne said that:

“The research uses collaborative design methods to address cyber-enabled stalking and harassment within abusive relationships. It will involve domestic abuse (DA) survivors and professionals (support and social workers) dealing with DA, in creating solutions that could improve DA service provision, from both the perspectives of service-users and service-providers. At this stage, I am asking professionals to take part in an interview that will be about an hour long and will focus on their experience of providing support to DA victims, with a focus on technology-enabled forms of abuse and revenge porn.”

For more information, you can download the Practitioners Information Sheet or contact

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