Could you and your friends participate in a challenge to raise money for Respect? You could fundraise for our very worthy cause by taking part in or organising a fun or challenging activity: completing a cycling, running, walking, climbing; or through organising an event. Have a look at our our top tips below. If you have any queries please contact us on:

Planning a fundraising event

To help you plan your event we suggest following the stages below:

  1. Choose your event- What type of event would best suit your interests, time availability etc. e.g. a concert, a cake-making event, a coffee morning?
  2. Set your fundraising target -How much can you realistically raise?
  3. Choose your date- Give yourself enough time to publicise the event and raise money
  4. Choose your venue- e.g. a pub, church hall, office. Is the venue available free and is there a fee to pay?
  5. How will you promote the event? – How can you reach the people that you want to come to the event –by creating a bespoke Just Giving Page using a Facebook page, etc?
  6. Consider the safety of the event -e.g. is there a need for stewards, will there be safe access for disabled people, are there any other legal implications e.g. need for an alcohol or entertainment licence?
  7. Celebrate — Finally don’t forget to enjoy your event!